Gina Ciliberto

Gina Ciliberto

I'm a journalist.

Gina has traveled through twenty-one countries and lived in three. She now writes about the people and places that feel like home.

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Have Beer, Will Travel

Master brewers, beer experts, and beer guides weigh in on where to find the best beer, how to incorporate beer into your travel, and how this age-old beverage is becoming a portal to histories and cultures all over the world.

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Travel Podcasts

"Stranger in a Strange Land" explores how living, teaching, studying, and praying in other cultures can expand not only one's own horizons, but also may lead to a more peaceful co-existence among citizens of the world.

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1/22/14 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Jan 22, 2014 ... Gina Ciliberto has traveled through 21 countries and lived in 3. After graduating from Fordham University, Ms. Ciliberto won a Fulbright to ......